When you have pain and discomfort in the body, chiropractic treatment can help offer solutions. Based on your situation, a chiropractor in Phoenix, AZ can plan a treatment plan tailored to help ease or alleviate symptoms related to injuries, health complications, or for overall wellness. A treatment plan created by Dr. Tim Lind and his team might involve the use of one or multiple chiropractic tools, as briefly described below.  A visit to Tatum Chiropractic allows you to get chiropractic therapy backed by innovative technologies, tools, and a trained and knowledgeable team.

Chiropractic Care Backed by Inventive Tools and Technologies

Dr. Lind uses an Arthrostim, which provides relief in particular parts of the body. The tool helps to provide adjustments and manipulations in a precise, low-force, and comfortable way. Individuals experiencing severe pain are able to benefit from Arthrostim.

For those with chronic low back pain, the chiropractic team at Tatum Chiropractic may choose to utilize the Flexion Distraction Table.  This allows the team to utilize chiropractic technique to safely adjust the spine therapeutically to alleviate pain and take off pressure from the lumbar. The Flexion-Distraction Table is suitable for use in reducing disc protrusion, increasing flexibility of tendons and ligaments, and reducing the effects of sciatica.

We may use our Drop Table when choosing to treat pain with less force to get the spinal column in place. This body manipulation and adjustment technique mostly uses gravity to enhance the movement.

Tatum Chiropractic also has a Percussor. This device helps distribute waves into the tissues of the body. The percussive impulses from the waves promote the flow and circulation of lymphatic fluid. We are able to treat a variety of conditions with this handheld tool, including loosening fixed areas like scar tissue, loosening tight muscles, releasing joints, and reducing muscle spasms. We also employ Release Muscle Stimulation, which helps improve pain and swelling in joints.

To find out more about our chiropractic techniques and the tools and technologies we utilize to facilitate effective treatment, talk to us at Tatum Chiropractic. Dr. Tim Lind’s team will be happy to discuss ways they can help alleviate pain and restore comfort in your body.

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