Nancy Stockwell
Nancy Stockwell Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been practicing the art of massage therapy for 6.5 years. This is a second career for me after spending 35 years working in the world of corporate America. I retired and returned to school to pursue my passion as an LMT. My work provides me the opportunity to help others on a journey to a better self and provides me with relaxation, joy, and balance.

I love that my work brings me new challenges every day and has allowed me to explore other health aspects involving the world of massage therapy.

On a personal level, my interests are life prioritization that revolves around my family, friends and my own personal enlightenment and wellness, and of course my little dog. Life is an adventure with places to go and things to see and experiences to be had. Take for example In 2018 – it was a cross country drive via Route 66. Traveling 6000 miles across 15 states in 15 days! In 2019 Alaska called! – We all have journeys inside of us just waiting to begin. The best part is being able to share these journeys with those you care for.

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