Why You Should Get a Good Rub Down Now and Then

Why You Should Get a Good Rub Down Now and Then

Nov 01, 2020

People get massages for several reasons. Although regular massages have proven to be beneficial to a person’s health, some have never felt the need to get one. People who take regular massages see its benefits for days and even weeks after the massage.

Types of Massages

There are different types of massages. It varies depending on the technique or the state of the person getting the massage. Some types of massages include:

    • The Swedish massage.

This refers to an array of techniques that make muscles relax by applying pressure on them against bones and muscles. It is done whilst moving in the same direction as the blood flow as it is returning to the heart.

The Swedish massage was credited in 1812 to Peter Ling from Sweden. It is a full body massage that involves stroking, friction, kneading, vibration and tapping to increase blood flow and release toxins from the muscles.

    • Trigger point massage

A trigger point refers to a tight area located deep in the muscle where you feel pain. It can be in your back but cause pain in the neck. They are generally caused by injury or overusing muscles. Most people mistake it for arthritis.

This procedure aims to alleviate pain by massaging in a technique that involves cycles of isolated pressure and release. The patient is involved in the therapy as he is required to help pinpoint the source of the pain.

    • Deep tissue massage

This massage focuses on the deep layers of muscles. It is perfect for contracted and acutely tense areas such as the neck, lower back and shoulders. The movements are much slower than in classic massage therapy.

    • Pregnancy

As you guessed it, this massage is suited for pregnant women. It helps to reduce swelling around the body and also relieves pain and aching muscles.

Since pain medications are limited during pregnancy, this type of massage has proven useful and successful, especially for treating back pain. Massages during pregnancy also provide comfort and offer emotional support.

Benefits of Massages

A good massage has many benefits. Here are some of the main benefits of getting a good rub down:

    1. Reduces stress

Massages help people reduce stress. The rubbing allows you to relax your tense muscle and your mind also loosens up. You end up feeling better and less relaxed for days to come.

    1. Reduces pain

For those who might be in pain, massages have proven to help. Things such as chronic stiffness and lower back pain can now be targeted and eliminated by a good massage.

    1. Improves circulation

During a massage, your tendons and muscles tend to loosen up. This helps to increases the blood flow throughout the body and reduce fatigue.

    1. Promotes flexibility

A regular massage now and then will leave your body flexible. This is because it helps your body in achieving a full range of potential movement.

    1. Better sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, a good massage might be what you need. Going to bed when your muscles are loose and relaxed will promote restful sleep. You will also feel less tired in the morning.

    1. Eliminates toxins

The stimulation of soft tissues in your body helps to release toxins through the blood and the lymphatic systems

    1. Reduce post-injury and post-surgery effects

After an injury or a surgery, a massage is the best way to help in recovery.

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

You know the benefits of a massage, so how often should you get one? The answer depends on the following:

    • Your stress and emotional needs

If you are often under a lot of stress, consider getting a massage as often as once a week. This will not only reduce tension but also lower your cortisol levels and blood pressure.

    • Pain management

People who are in pain or are in recovery from an injury should also get massages regularly. At least once or twice a week will do until you recover.


Overall a massage, once a week or at least every two weeks, would be ideal for most people. Given that it has so many benefits, we would recommend it to everyone.

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