How Effective Is Chiropractic Care In Treating Headaches?

How Effective Is Chiropractic Care In Treating Headaches?

Aug 01, 2020

Headaches are quite common that statistics show that averagely nine out of ten Americans usually suffer from headaches. The headaches can be occasional, mild, dull, throbbing and can even be debilitating and disrupt your daily activities.

Most people will pop pills, and others will lie down with the hopes of managing the pain. Popping pills typically does not solve the underlying cause but treats the symptoms.

However, there is a better way to manage headaches, and that is chiropractic care. Chiropractic services in Queen Creek, AZ, are quite effective in treating headaches.

Each case is different from another, and there is a thorough evaluation that has to done before charting the proper treatment course.

Types of Headaches

The different type of headaches are:

  • Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are the most common type of headaches people experience. They affect nearly 75% of people who are suffering from headaches. Tension headaches are marked by a dull, ache on one or both sides of your head. Most people describe it as a tight band behind the eyes or around the head.

  • Cervicogenic Headaches

These headaches are related to joint problems in the neck, typically caused by trauma or poor posture.

  • Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches can be debilitating and can disrupt your daily activities. They are vascular in origin characterized by throbbing pain, vomiting, nausea and at times, sensitivity to sound and light.

  • Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches are typically linked to the inflammation, infection or blockage of the sinuses.

The common causes of most headaches are:

  • Certain foods
  • Environmental stimuli like stress, light, noises
  • Behaviors such as insomnia, excessive exercise

95% of all of the headaches are primary headaches meaning that a disease doesn’t cause the headaches. The headache itself is the main concern. The remaining 5 % of the headaches are usually a sign that something else is wrong.

The vast majority of the headaches are usually as a result of muscle tension in the neck. This is because most people nowadays live more sedentary lives than before.

What Can a Chiropractor Do?

In a nutshell, our chiropractors near you will diagnose, assess, and manage headaches. Chiropractic care can decrease the intensity of migraines. Most people will seek chiropractic care for cervicogenic headaches, tension headaches and migraines.

Here’s headache treatment in Cave Creek that our chiropractor near you can perform for these types of headaches:

Cervicogenic Headaches

What most people don’t grasp is that cervicogenic headaches rarely get better with medication. Most of the time, this headache is triggered by an issue on the neck. Chiropractic therapy that is usually performed include:

  • Spinal Manipulation

The area of focus is the cervical spine, which is the upper part of your spine (neck area). Spinal manipulation will be done to restore alignment in the spine.

Spinal manipulation is a common chiropractic technique that uses high-velocity, low amplitude thrust. Most of the times, when you are undergoing spinal manipulation, you will hear the audible “pop” sound when our chiropractor is restoring alignment to the joints.

  • Joint Mobilization

This is a kind of therapy where your joints will be passively moved to improve the movement, which in turn reduces pain. This treatment is also highly effective for cervicogenic manipulation.

  • Deep Neck Flexion Exercises

These are exercises that our chiropractor will show you that involves the movement of your joints and muscles. The muscle contractions during the exercise last for about 10-second intervals, and you will do 15 repetitions.

The goal of deep neck flexion exercise is to stretch the flexor neck muscles that aid in supporting your neck.

Migraine Headaches

Chiropractic care that aid in migraines may include:

  • Neuromuscular Massage

The massage is performed by our chiropractor and will focus on the trigger areas within your back, neck, shoulder and head, to ease the symptoms.

  • Multidisciplinary Care Intervention

This is a combination of physical exercises, dietary counselling and relaxation techniques since migraines also come with other symptoms such as nausea and dizziness.

  • Tension Headaches

Chiropractic care used for tension headaches typically include:

  • Low-load Craniocervical Mobilization

This technique is much gentler than spinal manipulation. Gentle force is typically applied to your neck joints so as the rhythmic movement of the cervical joints is restored.

Other than the above-mentioned techniques used, there are other chiropractic services in Queen Creek, AZ, that can be employed, including:

  • Modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Referral and co-management
  • Lifestyle changes

The next time you have headaches, you can think twice before popping a pain killer. Instead, you can call us to book an appointment and come to experienced chiropractor in Cave Creek, AZ, at Tatum Chiropractic and Wellness.

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