What Are the Three Methods Chiropractors Use When Treating Back Pain?

What Are the Three Methods Chiropractors Use When Treating Back Pain?

Aug 01, 2023

Acute back pain is more typical than chronic pain. It results from unexpected injuries like tackles or shifting furniture, et cetera. Unfortunately, chronic back pain remains for nearly six weeks and improves over time by itself. However, if the discomfort in your back is making it challenging to perform simple daily tasks like sitting at a desk or getting in and out of vehicles, it helps if you seek assistance from a chiropractor near me at the earliest.

Acute low back pain responds effectively to chiropractic care. Help from the nearby chiropractor helps restore the function and quality of life and depends on the diagnosis of the discomfort. The standard method chiropractors use to treat low back pain is spinal manipulation.

Chiropractors for Back Pain: Why?

Many people prefer chiropractic therapy among various pain relief alternatives because chiropractors have special equipment to treat back pain. Chiropractors often recommend exercise techniques and diet, combining them with the equipment management plan.

Chiropractic treatment offers people a holistic approach practical to low-back pain and also cure it. The chiropractor considers the patient’s medical and surgical history, existing health issues, medications, and lifestyle factors before offering the treatment they think is best for the patient.

Three Approaches Chiropractors Use to Treat Back Pain

People with ongoing back pain that does not subside should contact the chiropractor in Cave Creek as shortly as probable to find relief from the discomfort. After assessing the patient’s condition comprehensively, the chiropractor advises the appropriate therapy. Most patients can return to their everyday activities than patients who may require additional sessions.

The chiropractor will consider the patient’s medical history before advising the appropriate therapy for their situation. They will also use diagnostic imaging or laboratory testing to determine whether the therapy can relieve back pain. Chiropractic treatment aims to restore functionality while preventing injuries and relieving back pain.

Chiropractors use three methods to provide relief from back pain. The three techniques chiropractors adopt include tissue point therapy, manual therapy, and instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy. The cause of the discomfort the patient experiences and their physical condition determines which specific method the chiropractor in Cave Creek uses to alleviate or provide relief from back pain.

Below are the three methods chiropractors use when treating back pain:

Manual Therapy

Alternatively called manipulative therapy, manual therapy is a specialized variety of physical treatment offered by a qualified chiropractor. Manual therapy also relieves chronic and acute back pain besides sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Manipulative therapy is excellent for treating joints. Therefore it is ideal for patients with insufficient mobility, especially in musculoskeletal conditions of some kinds. Musculoskeletal disorders usually result in pain, discomfort, posture, movement, and functionality changes.

When performing manual therapy, the Cave Creek chiropractor manually manipulates the patient’s joints on a traction or adjusting table. The chiropractor will use their hands to pressurize painful areas of the body. Manual therapy helps to alleviate stress and pain in the musculature nearby.

Soft Tissue Therapy

The Cave Creek chiropractor relaxes and treats tight and sore muscles when performing soft tissue therapy. The professional uses tools to apply gentle pressure sweeping over the area. Soft tissue therapy resembles a deep massage and is entirely pain-free. Patients will experience the results of soft tissue therapy in approximately two or three sessions, and manual therapy helps lower pain to enhance functionality throughout the body.

Exercise or Self-Management Therapy

Chiropractors emphasize exercises to perform at home, including motor control exercises, core strengthening exercises, and others to prevent back pain from recurring.

The nearby chiropractor will provide tips to maintain appropriate body posture when performing your everyday activities, besides advising patients on safe lifting methods and other strategies patients must include in their daily routine. Patients will also receive advice from chiropractors for an exercise program focusing on stretching back and strengthening their body. However, patients seeking chiropractic care must inform the professional about their existing medications, medical conditions, lifestyle factors, and surgical or traumatic history.

Chiropractic care does not involve invasive treatments or medications. Instead, chiropractors use the above-described three methods when treating back pain to provide patients the comfort they desire.

Patients confronting acute or chronic back pain affecting their mobility can receive help from Tatum Wellness and Chiropractic when trying to find relief from the problem. Patients can relieve back pain without using medications or drugs to restore body functionality.

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