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Most Common Chiropractic Technique for Neck and Back Pain

Most Common Chiropractic Technique for Neck and Back Pain

Feb 01, 2022

Chiropractic neck pain treatment in Cave Creek, AZ, is a professional and natural drug-free treatment that helps to alleviate pain and allows patients to move more freely. With a properly aligned spine, the body effectively fends off disease-causing organisms, and it eases the strain on the neck and spine.

Chiropractic adjustments are very efficient in restoring joint function and flexibility for an increased range of motion and less pain. In addition to aligning the spine, back pain chiropractic care near you treats many other conditions like digestive problems, stress, and persistent headaches.

When seeking chiropractic treatment, it’s essential to understand the various techniques used and what they accomplish. Here are seven of the most common chiropractic treatments for back and neck pain.

The Gonstead Adjustment

This is among the most common techniques chiropractors use today to diagnose and fix a range of issues among patients. They are used primarily for people suffering chronic back pain that just won’t go away.

Using this technique, your chiropractor simply locates the problematic spinal region and adjusts it accordingly. During a Gonstead adjustment, the chiropractor thoroughly analyzes the spinal area, and the result is that your vertebrae end up more aligned to reduce pain caused by inflammation in the affected areas.

Diversified Technique

It’s often called the “diversified chiropractic technique,” and it’s debatably the most commonly used technique for treating back and neck pain in chiropractic offices. When you visit the Tatum Chiropractic and Wellness office, this is your chiropractor’s preferred technique if you want instant relief from your neck pain.

This technique aims to adjust the lumbar disk herniation, which is responsible for most neck and back pains. Experts associate it with the “popping” of joints that have been reinstated to improve the spine’s function.

Spinal Manipulation/Spinal Mobilization

It’s casually referred to as “manual therapy.” Chiropractors and physical therapists use it to reduce pressure in the joints, minimize inflammation and enhance nerve function.

Like the diversified technique discussed above, manual chiropractic therapy utilizes subtle thrusting motions and more back stretching.

Thompson Dop-Table Technique

Chiropractic care involving this technique utilizes a unique design table constructed using padded platforms with drop mechanisms attached to it. Using these mechanisms, the chiropractor drops the patient to specific fractions of inches and applies quick thrusts to accentuate the adjustment. Most patients find this gentle dropping motion comfortable as it feels like a slight vibration.

Flexion Distraction Technique

It’s a common technique for chiropractic neck pain treatment in Cave Creek, AZ. It’s used to treat joint pain, scoliosis, and several other conditions that lead to neck and back pain treatment. It also eases leg pain for many patients.

Flexion-distraction utilizes a specially designed table for distracting and flexing the spinal cord in a calm rhythmic motion. During the treatment, the chiropractor stretches the spine and aligns it in a position that helps to relieve disc herniations. This technique is proven to overcome articular types of back illnesses, including chronic pain.

Soft Tissue Therapy

This technique, unlike others, does not directly focus on the spine. Instead, it utilizes complex therapeutic massage on soft tissues, ligaments, and spinal muscles. Thus, the chiropractor massages the inflamed tissues, eliminating injury wastes and damaged scar tissues.

It’s mainly used on athletes and other patients’ immediate spinal injuries. The specific purpose of soft tissue therapy is to increase blood flow and circulation on the strained tissues by eliminating toxic by-products.

Activator Technique

For this technique, the chiropractor uses a small device called an activator. Its purpose is exerting a calm impulse to the appendages and vertebral portions of the spine. The Activator is usually loaded with springs that adjust the tone of the nervous system and can be used to address a variety of conditions, including migraines and neck and lower back pain problems.

Logan Technique

It’s also called spinal decompression in chiro care and can be deemed more of a chiro technique than a spinal adjustment. Still, it’s worth mentioning its effectiveness in treating lower back pain symptoms caused by disc bulging and herniation and degenerated and slipped vertebral discs.

The chiropractor applies moderate pressure on the spine, an action that realigns the spinal bones to relieve migraines while releasing stress and tension. Consequently, it treats neck and back pains to restore balance.

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