Know-How Tatum Wellness & Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Injuries

Know-How Tatum Wellness & Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Injuries

Jul 01, 2022

How Does Whiplash Happen?

Whiplash injuries occur when a person’s head rapidly rebounds back and forth upon the impact of a hard object. It can occur after a car accident, sports injury, or a fall. This forceful movement of the head causes the ligaments and muscles in the neck to stretch and become damaged. If not properly treated, the patient may suffer neck pain, stiffness, soreness, muscle tightness, and the inability to move the neck.

What Are the Symptoms of Whiplash?

If you have whiplash, you may experience pain in your neck, shoulders, back, headaches, and neck stiffness. If your whiplash symptoms do not improve, you should see a whiplash chiropractor near you.

Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

It can be difficult to quantify the severity of a whiplash injury at times. But, chiropractors use a different method of evaluating and treating spinal injuries than traditional health care providers and can assess and treat injuries more effectively. Furthermore, a chiropractor can determine the exact level of injury and provide you with the appropriate treatment to help you make a quick recovery. This is why chiropractors are often considered the best professionals in the healthcare industry when it comes to addressing whiplash.

How Does the Chiropractor Treat Whiplash?

If you have a whiplash injury, your chiropractor in Cave Creek will use various treatments to help you heal your whiplash injury and restore your body’s natural ability to heal. Your chiropractor may use spinal manipulation, manual therapies for soft tissue injuries, and exercise therapy.

  • Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation uses the hands to move your spine, particularly the joints in your neck and upper back. It can be beneficial in treating whiplash injuries because it is a safe and effective way to reduce the inflammation resulting from an injury.

Spinal manipulation is also a great way to prevent future injuries because it can help prevent overuse injuries and improve your spine’s biomechanics.

  • Manual therapies for soft tissue injuries

Many people with whiplash also suffer from soft tissue injuries like muscle strains and sprains., Another common type of treatment your chiropractor may perform is manual therapy for soft tissue injuries, also known as trigger point therapy. Manual therapies are non-invasive treatments that use your own body to relieve pain. Chiropractic physicians use these treatments to restore the function of injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These therapies help reduce pain and promote healing, and they can be performed at the chiropractor’s office or home, with or without special equipment.

  • Muscle Relaxation

With muscle relaxation or stimulation, the chiropractor uses an external muscle (or group of muscles) to apply gentle traction to the joint, pulling it out of its restricted position. This may involve a hand or leg placed on the joint to use a gentle pull. Massage techniques may stimulate the muscle.

  • Exercises

Exercises may be used as a primary whiplash treatment to reduce pain and improve function for the patient. These exercises can be used on the joints, muscles, or the patient’s whole body. Exercises may be used to improve the patient’s ability to move and improve the patient’s posture or range of motion. These exercises may be done at home on their own or with the assistance of a physical therapist. Exercises may be used together with massage.

  • Therapeutic chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic care was effective in reducing inflammation in patients suffering from acute low back pain and is also effective in reducing symptoms of pain, improving function, and increasing patient satisfaction.

What Are the Risks of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is safe for many musculoskeletal problems. However, a few complications can occur, including compression of the nerves, a particular type of stroke, or worsening neck pain. Chiropractic care is also not recommended if you have numbness or tingling of the arm or leg, an increased risk of stroke, or a known bone abnormality in the neck.

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